This course is team-based and 85% of your grade will come from your team progress and final project. Your peers will also grade your contribution to your team. The grading criteria are broken down as follows: 

15% - Individual participation in class. You will be giving feedback to your peers. 

30% - Out-of-the-building progress as measured by blog write-ups and presentations each week. 

Team members must:

  1. Update their mission model canvas weekly.
  2. Identify which team member did which portion of the work.
  3. Detailed report on what the team did each week.
  4. Update WordPress Team Blog each week describing how the team did, what went well, what went poorly, and, "now what?" 

25% - The team weekly “lesson learned” presentation (see weekly syllabus for weekly content requirement and format). 
30% - Team final presentation.

This total is multiplied by a “peer grading multiplier” as assigned to you by your team at the end of the semester. 



Glossary of Military Terms