Great power competition played out in the "gray zone" demands that the U.S. and its allies think differently about maintaining a secure, free, and prosperous world. Are current investments in innovation suitable for this endeavor? Do the U.S. Government and industry invest well in the right things based on a common understanding of what "winning" looks like?
The National Security Strategy and the National Defense Strategy each call for a strong National Defense Innovation Base comprised of the whole of American entrepreneurs, companies, industries, universities, research laboratories, and government agencies to act together as a network people, knowledge, and capabilities to keep America safe.
As the velocity and complexity of America's national security challenges increase, so too must the speed and expertise with which it responds. Join us live from Georgetown's Gaston Hall as we partner with Hacking 4 Defense to bring together some of America's leading innovators from government and the private sector to discuss these challenges and more.