It's been a fast and furious 2 1/2 months here at Georgetown University's Security Studies Program (SSP). In that time, we guerilla marketed H4D across campus, got students to three different informations sessions, got some of the national security industry's top companies to partner with us, got exceptionally talented Research Assistants, Military Liaisons, Corporate Partners, Venture Capitalists, and Mentors to commit to help, and convinced everyone that this was a good idea.

Our inaugural class has four high-quality teams working on really hard problems, but this semester-long process will give them tools to solve any problem in any organization and/or start a business around a service or product that has rigorous customer validation supporting it.

We kick off on WEDNESDAY January 11, 2017 and then come together every Monday, thereafter (except for holidays). We welcome our mentors, corporate partners, military liaisons, problem sponsors, venture capitalists, the media, and all interested parties to join us each week.

Buckle up!

Chris & Matt