Suggested Projects

We suggest that you consider a problem in which you are a domain expert, such as your graduate research. In all cases, you should choose something for which you have passion, enthusiasm, and, hopefully, some expertise. Do not select this type of project unless you are prepared to see it through.

Pre-Class Preparation

This class hits the ground running. It assumes you and your team have come into class having read the assigned reading, viewed the online lectures, and prepared a set of contacts to call on.

Shared Material

Your weekly presentations and final Lessons Learned presentations will be shared and visible to others. We may be record or live-stream and share many of the class sessions.

Only Project

Given the amount of work this class entails, there is no way you can do the work while participating in multiple large projects. A condition of admission to the class is that this is the only large project you are working on this semester.