Corporate Partners


Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners volunteer their time and resources to mentor talented students at Hacking for Defense (H4D), which teaches students to apply Lean Startup methodology to rapidly innovate and deploy products within the defense realm. 

Corporate Partners play an important role in H4D as both mentors and experts. Students taking H4D are frequently in highly-specialized programs with little or no business experience, and rely on their sponsors’ advice while developing their own solutions. Corporate sponsors create strong relationships with their students, and often choose to leverage their business networks and subject matter experts to support their teams.

In addition to performing a national public service, Corporate Partners gain exposure to new and emerging national security markets and can even develop strong relationships with their team’s Government Sponsor.


  • Develop relationships with potential government customers
  • Understand government problems long before they reach the requirements stage of the formal contracting process.
  • Perform a national public service
  • Gain exposure through H4D®'s larger, nation-wide effort
  • Ability to reach out to high performing teams and continue their work beyond the scope of the class


  • Corporate Partners act as mentors and provide students with the full weight of their experience in a particular sector, be that technological, networking, or market expertise
  • Corporate Partners can choose to provide engineers or Subject-Matter Experts on call for students as they tackle problems that are beyond their own experiences
  • They can also choose to provide access to advanced facilities, such as manufacturing or computing, for prototyping and testing efforts
  • Corporate Partners can choose to provide money for teams to use to travel, prototype, and test their solution
  • Corporate Partners should be able to responds to teams within 3 days

How to Apply

If you're interested in becoming a Georgetown H4D Corporate Partner, please email Chris Taylor at ct631@georgetown.edu or Matt Zais at mz460@georgetown.edu.


Corporate Partners will primarily be vetted based on their perceived ability to support the specific problems pitched by Government Sponsors as well as their ability to support teams. This includes:

  • Relevant expertise and experience
  • Ability to provide related contacts
  • Ability to provide manufacturing, design, or financial resources to teams
  • Rapport with student teams
  • Existing relationships with universities, research institutions, or government agencies




Government Sponsors

Government Sponsors

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